Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Love Letter to King Arthur Flour

My darling King Arthur,

You are the wind beneath my bakery wings. You are the sun that brightens my cookie day. You are the love that warms my brownie heart. Without you, I could not create amazing, flavorful, flaky pie crusts. I could not bake a whole wheat shortbread that is actually delicious and addicting. Nor could I make madeleines that are so fluffy and delightful, they will make you want to slap your mama.

Thank you for all that you do! I will always love you!

Yours forever,


Seriously, you guys. King Arthur Flour is the best stuff. I love it. It makes everything so much better. I highly recommend baking with it, if you haven't already. If you have, then you already know! My favorite is the White Whole Wheat. It allows me to incorporate whole wheat flour into more of my baking because it's so mild and yummo!

Try out their stuff and let me know what you think!

No, this was not paid for by King Arthur, I'm in love with them for free!

Monday, August 27, 2012


French Palmiers, why they be so tasty?! I just made them for the first time and ooh girl, I am in love. These sugary, caramelized, yummy pastries are my new best friend. Really, what can be better than pastry dough drenched in sugar and cinnamon? Not a lot.

Here's a glamour shot of my first attempt at these sexy ladies.

Aren't they lovely? I think I ate four right after this picture was taken. Woops...

Since then, I've made them a couple more times and they are now up for sale in my Etsy Shop! Please do indulge! I promise you'll love them!

I may try out some different flavors, like CHOCOLATE! Also, perhaps a fruit flavor? I've been wondering if adding some peach preserves or something like that would work out. STAY TUNED!

Here's another shot for your drooling pleasure ;)

Friday, August 17, 2012


Every day I open up my blog and think, "TODAY I WILL BLOG A THING!" And every day I am bombarded with a bajillion other things to do for my (real) job and just for life. Work has been extremely busy lately and life hasn't been much calmer. AND I've been dealing with a broken puppy on top of everything. This means I've had to be with my dog, Moose, constantly for the past two and a half weeks while he recovered from a back injury. The vet said he had to stay in his crate to heal because he's a crazy cray who runs around constantly and jumps up on everything he can. Jumping up on things is a huge no-no for dachshunds because their backs are so susceptible to injury, and he kept re-hurting himself before he had a chance to heal from the original injury. When we put him in his crate the first evening he was very upset with us and made us look at his butt all night.
(Please excuse the terrible photo quality)

He's starting to feel better, thanks to being in doggy jail, being on four different medications, and laser treatments (for which he had to wear doggles *giggle*). Oh you want to see a picture of him in doggles? Well, who doesn't?! It's kind of the best thing that's ever happened.

So the essence of this blog is, I apologize for being a bad blogger, but sometimes stuff is just too much and I have to crawl into a hole in my five minutes of spare time so that I don't go as crazy as my dog. I will do my best to get back into the regular swing of things, and I DO have a couple of new things I intend to put up in my Etsy shop when I have a moment. They are really yummy, I promise!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Tartlet is BACK!

As you hopefully know from following Tartlet on Facebook, I closed down my shop for the month of July. My boyfriend and I took a pretty long roadtrip/camping vacation the first couple of weeks of July, and when we got back I needed to focus on some house projects. But I have returned! Yay!

Allow me to bore you with vacation pictures for a moment :)

A beautiful lake in Nemo, South Dakota

Gorgeous view from Needles Highway in the Black Hills National Forest

Man and dog being scoundrels in Four Mile, South Dakota

Devils Tower, Wyoming

Shell Falls in Big Horn, Wyoming

I have many more, but I won't get too carried away. We had an amazing time, and I was also able to meet most of Kris's family (they live in Wyoming), which was great. 

BUT NOW I'M BACK! And baking with a vengeance. I have a couple of new items that I plan to put up in the Etsy shop in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out!!

Small update on working with Cafe Pascal: we are no longer working together because we had some differences of opinion on some issues. The main issue being he didn't want to pay me for my baked goods. Oh well...